Monday, April 13, 2015

Specifications of the Solar air heater

Cool Drink Cans

Length : 105 mm 

Diameter : 66 mm

Aluminum Foils
Wooden Box
Length :1800mm

Height : 700mm

Width :70mm

Range : 0°C-100°C

Spring Hose
Diameter :3/4”,1”
General purpose Air Compressor

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Monday, March 16, 2015

Working Principle of Air Heater

my prev post about Introduction to Air Heater . Solar air heating is a solar thermal technology in which the energy from the sun, solar insolation, is captured by an absorbing medium and used to heat air. air heating is a renewable energy heating technology used to heat or condition air for buildings or process heat applications. It is typically the most cost-effective out of all the solar technologies, especially in commercial and industrial applications, and it addresses the largest usage of building energy in heating climates, which is space heating and industrial process heating.
The working principle of Air Heater Using Waste Cool Drink Cans unit is simple one. The rays of the sun contain a large amount of heat energy. This heat energy utilized by cool drink cans when the sun rays fall on this unit, the black coated tins absorbs the solar rays by means of radiations .so that surrounding atmosphere air inside of this unit is also heated.
This design for a solar collector comprises a black painted cool drink cans which absorbs the solar radiation and converts it into heat and a sealed cavity on top to trap the heat within. The heat is extracted from the end cool drink cans and circulated by fans.
Solar energy has the greatest potential of all other renewable sources of energy. The utilization of solar energy in various engineering applications with new technical skills it has attained to maximum important in the present content of energy crisis.

Off cuts of 1800mm x 700mm and a sheet of plywood were used to build a box to tightly hold 8 rows of 10 black-painted aluminum drinks cans. The inside of the box was then sealed using caulk toprevent hot air from escaping. Cold air is drawn in from a hole at the bottom of the box, and the heated air emerges from the top passing through a pipe into the garage to be heated. A plexus-glass sheet was glued to the box to let sunlight in but not let the hot air escape.

solar powered heater

solar air heating